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Uncheck button for this item is small and not easily noticeable. Kind of a cheap trick.

They let you grip your ski poles


Apparently, my wife had been looking at one all last winter, and wondering if she really needed it.

The fit was tight for a large

Lack of sizing information

Having sizing from S to XXL without having some sort of sizing guide is pointless especially when you have finals all..

Hi Ed,
Thanks for the feedback, size chart info wasn't displaying. We've corrected the issue and you can also find our size chart information here: https://www.swixsport.ca/pages/size-chart.

Please reach out to customer service if you have any other difficulties, we're happy to help!

Love!! True to size, shipping was fast!

La taille est parfaite et très confortable

The perfect mitt for cold weather

I normally ski with the lobster gloves but don't find them warm enough for cold weather. Purchased these mitts, used them a few times in very cold temperatures and my fingers haven't been cold.
Highly recommend for anyone whose fingers tend to be chilled on cold days.

Navado - Women's Shorts
Ultra pratique

Bel achat pour un petit plus d'isolation ! Fait super bien par dessus un collant de ski de fond ou pantalon doublé. Je porte du L ou XL et ce XL me fait à merveille. Même qu'il est un peu plus loose et la bande de taille s'agrandit avec le temps. 180 livres, hanches larges. Une seule petite crainte, que l'isolation (il y en a seulement sur le devant) se déplace vu qu'il n'y pas beaucoup de couture qui la retient. Très fragile, à ma 2ième utilisation, déjà un petit trou derrière. A faire attention.

Great outdoor pant for x country skiing and hiking.

Love these gloves for Nordic skiing and Skimo. Still allows a great deal of dexterity while remaining warm. The shell mitt is great for windy days and downhill runs. Highly recommend.

I need to find this locally.

0.75° Aluminum Base Edge File Guide

It's great!

Swix: please design the product old style water bottle.. with a small plastic or metal chain from the big cover to the main body or black cover, and from the small cover to the main larger cover. This will help.. while using.. who wants to lose a cap in the snow.. when your hands are cold.. ? I am a retired engineer .. and don’t get why no one thought of that. The little chains plastic or metal could be removable if some don’t like. Also, have a little subpocket somewhere to slide a phone./ in the top pocket.. just more steady package and again to avoid dropping when in use. I cross country in Canada.. Quebec.. cold is cold.. and efficiently using the content of the bag.. is important..

I need do exchange it for an extra small. Is it possible? In

Décevant modèle jr

Vraiment décevant et cheap
Le modèle junior ne semble pas être fait avec la même qualité que les modèle plus grands. Nous avons nos 2 ceintures depuis longtemps et aucun bris et signe usure. Nous avons acheté une jr et elle n’a même pas durée une saison après 5 sorties d’utilisation le bouchon est brisé et la ceinture est déjà déchiré au niveau du zip sans abus utilisation un achat à la poubelle

Bonjour Madame,

Merci de nous avoir contactés. Nous sommes navrés d'apprendre que ce produit n'a pas été à la hauteur de vos attentes.

Avez-vous pu contacter notre service client à ce sujet ?

Ils feront leur maximum pour vous aider! Vous pourrez les joindre par mail via ce courriel: info@swixsport.ca

Bien cordialement,

Perfect fit !

Pour un cadeau de Noël 🤫Personnellement je l’ai et je l’adore, je la porte autant à l’extérieur comme à l’intérieur dans un chalet c’est parfait par dessus un legging léger.

Shield - Women's Split Mitt

These gloves did not keep my hands warm at all. I was mountain biking with them in 8 degrees celcius

Haven’t used it yet

Not impressed

Poor craftsmanship, especially for the price. Jacket looks great and really wanted to love it but tried two from different stores and both times had a lot of problems getting the zipper to work properly. One should not have to struggle to get a jacket to go up so makes you wonder what other corners were cut during the manufacturing process. Best to spend your hard earned money elsewhere unfortunately.

Thank you for sharing your feedback on this product, it's always appreciated. We apologize for what you are going through with one of our products.

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Thank you

Mayen - Men's Quilted Jacket

Good quality merchandise.

Good quality merchandise again.

Good stock