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$149.99 CAD

The combination of 100% high strength carbon fibre upper section and composite in lower section offers the perfect combination of lightweight and durability.

The upper tube has a non-slip surface combined with tacky “non slip” TPR coated handle with hard details designed to allow easy removal of excessive snow buildup on the top of the skis.

The handle “Hook” allows for easy unlock-lock several “rando” bindings.

The strap has unique self-locking system ensuring easy and fast adjustments. The strap attachment secures easy adjustment/replacement of straps (Patent pending).

The pole is supplied with a powder basket for deep snow conditions.

-100% Carbon/Composite tubes
-SWIX Sonic locking system
-Length memory system - prefix skiing down and walking up lengths
-Multipurpose handle - ski scraper, tech-binding hook
-Multifunction strap - fast fixation and adjustments, continued loop adjustment
-Flexi basket - lightweight, easy to change
-Lengths and weight: 105-130 cm (479 grams/pair), 115-140 cm (498 grams/pair), 125-150 cm (517 grams/pair)