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Marathon Powder 40g

Marathon Powder 40g

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Powder version of the well-known Marathon DHFF, developed for easier application.

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Product Information

The marathon powder is the powder version of the well-known Marathon DHFF glide wax. Applying the powder is much easier than applying the marathon hard wax, as the powder melts more easily and is easier to scrape off. The abrasion resistance of the product is the same. The grain size of the powder has been thoroughly tested to achieve the best application result and performance for the product. Apply a good layer of powder onto the base, then run the iron over twice to ensure all the powder melts. The temperature of the waxing iron should be 160 degrees, and it should take about 5 to 7 seconds to cover the entire length of the ski with the iron. After cooling, scrape off the product using a plexi scraper then brush with a steel or bronze brush, and finally polish using the blue nylon brush.

  • Powder for easier application
  • Perfect for new, clean snow
  • Same durability as hard wax
  • Perfect for skiing long distances
  • A favourite for classic long-distance races like the Birkebeiner
  • Powder version of the acclaimed marathon wax
  • The powder makes it easier to achieve an excellent result
  • 40 grams

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Application Methods

A new and revolutionary easy way to apply Marathon glide waxes! 

On pre-waxed bases we recommend applying Marathons using a roto wool for the best performance. No ironing, and no finish brushing.

1: Clean and refresh the base structure first by brushing lightly with a fine steel brush, like T0191B. We recommend this brush since it cleans deep into the structure.

2: Apply Marathon glider to the roto wool by pressing the wax block against the wool while running the drill at a speed of approx. 1.500 RPM.

3: Use the roto wool on the base with a speed of approx. 1.500 RPM. Use light pressure. Start from the tip and move back and forth approx. a foot at a time towards the tail (two times)








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