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KN33 Nero racing klister

KN33 Nero racing klister

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Air +1°C to -7°C (34°F to 19°F)

Klister with less risk of icing in changing conditions.

Sku: 000428777J00C8

Product Information

KN33 Nero is perfectly suited to changing snow conditions and is very effective in reducing the risk of icing. Temperature range +1°C to -7°C. SWIX Nero klisters are revolutionary klisters with a black ingredient that has delivered impressive results. They collect significantly less dirt from the snow than traditional klisters. They are durable and stay within the grip zone better than other klisters. NERO provides a secure grip for longer than traditional klisters due to its very special properties.

  • Racing klister
  • Outstanding in changing conditions
  • Effective in reducing the risk of icing
  • One of our most advanced klisters
  • It collects significantly less dirt from the snow than traditional klisters
  • Klister for difficult conditions
  • 55 grams

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