Run Toward Winter with the Perfect Tights

Fall is a runner’s paradise as we awaken to crisp mornings and witness leaves painting the forest in flamboyant colours. But as you hit the trails during this beautiful season, regulating your body’s temperature can prove to be tricky. Layering is key for your upper body, but how should you deal with your legs? Picking the right running tights will be critical to optimize your running experience.

What to look for in Fall Running Tights?
 Picking the right fit is essential. Look for a non-bulky, tight fit to ensure the least amount of air resistance and chaffing. Articulated knees are also key to provide a snugger fit that moves with you, while a comfortable and adjustable waistband will prevent slipping while you run.

See the Swix Alapamayo tights – ergonomic performance fit, back stretch panels and reflective details. Great for cold weather running and cross-country skiing.

Temperature regulation: Fall weather can be unpredictable, with fluctuating temperatures. Seek tights with a good balance of insulation and breathability. Tights that feature moisture-wicking technology and are designed to keep you warm without overheating are ideal.


See the Delda Light Softshell multi-sport pants that are exceptionally lightweight, breathable, warm and meant to push your limits.

Layering: Layering is not only for tops! For chilly runs in the forest, if you’re worried about getting cold and cooking after a few minutes of training, why not opt to slip on a pair of quilted shorts over your summer tights? These comfortable thermal shorts provide that extra layer of warmth without overheating your legs. Although quilted shorts may not be the most conventional choice, they are surprisingly effective and provide an affordable stylish twist on your running attire.

Motion Premium tights for men made of quality stretch fabric, optimal close-to-the-body fit, perfect for running and training with their stretch waistband. Perfect for fall running on warmer days when combined with a pair of thermal shorts.

See the Menali bulk-free insulated shorts with windproof and water-repellant fabric on the font and stretch panels on the back.

or the Mayen women’s quilted shorts with an ultra-comfortable band around the waist to slide above any tights for fall and winter runs.

Fabric: Look for tights made with moisture-wicking materials like polyester or a polyester-spandex blend. These fabrics will help keep you dry and comfortable throughout your run in cooler and potentially wet conditions. For chillier days, look for thermal qualities with stretchy softshell or wind resistant and water-repellant breathable fabrics.

Regardless of your choice, whether it's the moderate insulation of the Delda tights, the versatile Alpamayo tights, or the performance-driven Motion tights with insulated shorts on top, these different Swix options are built with moisture-wicking materials, excellent temperature regulation, and a comfortable fit, allowing you to stay warm, dry and comfortable during your Fall and Winter runs.

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