Pro by Swix

What is the difference between Performance Speed, High Speed, and Top Speed?

PRO - The System

Pro by Swix is our latest performance Glide Wax System that is 100% fluor-free, biodegradable and non-toxic. The Pro System is divided into 3 levels of performance called Performance Speed, High Speed and Top Speed and each level has its own performance standards so whether you are a professional skier chasing seconds or a recreational skier chasing a dream, the Pro Wax System will help you get there.

PS called Performance Speed

Designed for recreational use and training

The Performance Speed category is the 1st category in the Pro System, crafted with high-quality base-wax materials made for recreational skiers/riders and for training purposes for the racing community.  There are 5 waxes in this category to cover all temperature ranges from -18ºC to +10ºC. These waxes should be ironed-on, scraped and brushed.

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HS called High Speed

Designed for the ambitious skier and racers

HS exists as both hot wax and liquid products. The High Speed category is the 2nd category in the Pro System and is made with a high degree of quality raw materials, giving the High Speed greater durability and performance than the Performance Speed category. The High Speed category was created for the avid skier or rider looking for ultra-performance and durability for a hard day on the snow. The category is often used for junior racing, High School racing, and casual competitions. This category also has 5 waxes to cover all temperature ranges from -18ºC to +10ºC. These waxes should be ironed-on, scraped and brushed.

HS Solid Wax

HS Liquids

High Speed comes in an easy-to-apply liquid category with 4 different waxes to cover all temperatures and should be applied differently than hot waxes. 

Check out this video from Swix School to see how easy it works

TS called Top Speed

Designed for racing

Top Speed is the 3rd category in the Pro Wax System and possesses the highest quality raw materials for the most durable and fastest performance a skier or rider can expect. The TS category has three different product types: TS-black solid, TS-liquid, and TS-powder. TS-Black is made for transformed and dirty snow. TSB exists in 5 different hot waxes for all temperatures. It has excellent dirt-repellent properties.

TS Solid Wax

TS Liquids

TS-Liquid exists in four different liquids for all conditions. The product can be used alone or on top of any hot wax in the Pro system. To be applied using roto-fleece without having to use a waxing iron.

TS Powder

TS-Powder has been developed with raw materials that are exclusive only for Swix. These products have really good performance and are extremely durable.

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We wish you happy skiing!