This is a complete klister line based upon formulas that hasa logical build up going from hard tosoft, from cold corn snow to extremewet corn snow. 
The higher the number, the softer the wax.

The KX line is designed for top level competitions as well as recreational skiing.

Better kick and glide!
More fun - less mess.
New packaging.
Smaller opening on tubes for better control when applying.
Includes scraper.



Sand the kick zone with #100/120 grit paper.

1: Apply the base klister very thin, just cover-ing the sandpapered area

2: Select and apply the klister of the day. Onelayer normally is enough. The product is applied in a “fish-bone”-like pattern, or as a thin string on each side of the groove.Use your fingers, the T0087 scraper or the KP10 klister brush to even out the klister.