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Fart d'adhérence V05 Polar kick wax

Fart d'adhérence V05 Polar kick wax

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Product Information

Température de l’air : Neige fraîche -12°C à -25°C (10°F à -12°F) Vieille neige fine -15°C à -30°C (5°F à -22°F) Comme son nom l'indique, il s'agit d'une cire dure conçue pour les conditions les plus froides. Elle est fréquemment utilisée dans les régions polaires d'Europe et d'Amérique du Nord. La gamme V-Line de cires dures est conçue pour le ski de compétition et de loisirs. Leur grande qualité provient de l'utilisation de cires de pétrole entièrement raffinées, de caoutchoucs synthétiques et d'huiles de qualité pharmaceutique.

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Application Methods


Easy to use with two temperature intervals: NEW and OLD snow. Old, trans-formed snow is snow older than one day.

The V-Line of hardwaxes is the traditional line of hard kick-waxes, made for racing and recreational skiing. Although they do not have any fluorine additives, their quality is very high due to fully refined petroleum waxes, synthetic rubbers and pharmaceutical quality oils. The V-waxes, in certain the cold-snow waxes are frequently used in top racing, alone or in combination with VR-waxes.

TIP: In old snow you always wax softer!




After finishing all brushing on the glide zones, carefully sand the grip zone area with #120 grit sandpaper (SWIX T0011SP). This will make the difference for a long-lasting wax application




1: In cold conditions, the application normally starts by using VG30 or V40. More coarse grained snow normally requires a base binder as the first layer: VG35



2: For extra durability: Iron the first layer of wax into the base. This process will increase contact between base and wax. Temperature setting of the iron is approx. 100°C

3: Select and apply the actual kick wax of the day. Preferably 4-8 thin, even layers. When 0°C (32°F) two layers are sufficient. Cork each layer.


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