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TS10 Yellow liquid glide wax, 50ml

TS10 Yellow liquid glide wax, 50ml

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Air +2°C to +10°C (36°F to 50°F)

The easiest way to achieve great glide in warm and wet conditions.

Sku: 000753787J00C8

Product Information

Liquid topping designed for racing. For wet conditions when the snow has been transformed. Ideal for coarse and dirty snow. A good choice that never underperforms in warm conditions. Hold the bottle 10-15 cm above the ski base and spray on a thin layer. To even out the product and remove excess liquid, we recommend brushing with a felt cork (T0021) immediately after application. Then allow the product to dry and polish with a nylon brush. For better wear resistance, we recommend rubbing in the product using Roto fleece (T0018F-2) after it has dried and then polishing it with a nylon brush.

  • Durable glide wax for 0°C and warmer conditions
  • Excellent as both a topping and as a base wax
  • Ensures a smooth glide in warm conditions
  • This glide wax was recommended during the 2021 World Ski Championships

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