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FC8X CERA F POWDER, -4。/4。, 30G

$255.00 CAD

Temperature:Air +4。 to -4。. (39; to 25;)Our classic and best selling FC008X powder is continued in the new line. A quite easy decision as we haven掐 found a better powder during our test period.It has just confirmed to us that this powder is performing extremely well, and is well deserved a spot in the new range.A versatile powder which performs well in all snow conditions on both sides of the freezing point, a safe choice. Suggested base waxes are HF08X, HF08BWX or LF08X. The speed of the iron should be approx. 4-6 sec. on a skating or alpine ski. It掇 highly recommended to have a good iron when working with powders. The powder should be ironed once.Recommended iron temp: 165。 (329;)