How to: Choose your SWIX technical pant

Winter tech pants:
understanding the various options

Whether they are insulated, close to the skin, with a narrow or relaxed fit or equipped with zippers, technical winter pants found on the market are as diverse as their uses. Keeping track of all the terms and technicalities can be complex! We have created a quick guide to help you find your way around.

Anna Pryce wears the Dynamic Jacket with the Delda Pants in Canmore, Alberta. Photo: @gibbymtbphoto


Here are the elements to consider before your purchase:



Next to skin
Tights for endurance sports in mild conditions.

Athletic / Tapered (Slim Fit): 
For hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, strenuous activities. Worn over underwear, tights or leggings, gaiters required for deep snow.

Regular fit / Slight taper (Classic fit)
For non-intensive sports, covers boots, sometimes with integrated gaiters.

Relaxed fit / Open Hem
For for wearing over base and mid layers, in cold weather or for outdoor activities.


Cut snug, conforms to the contours of the legs, to offer the best thermal efficiency and freedom of movement  Cut slim to the body, the perfect fit for technical garments. May be worn over base layers and light mid-layers.  Cut comfortably, a middle ground between slim and relaxed fit. May be worn over heavier mid-layers.  Cut loosely on the body creating a relaxed silhouette, for optimal freedom of movement. 


Understanding the multilayer system:

Baselayer (or first layer) worn close to the body, repels moisture and dries quickly.

Midlayer insulating properties, looser than the baselayer without restricting movement but not element proof.

Outerlayer protects from the elements (wind, snow, rain), can be windproof or waterproof. Can be insulated.


Delda - men's light softshell tight pants

Outer layerfit
Vista - women's pull - on pants



Whether long or short, zippers on pants have specific uses:  

Ankle zips: to access boot fasteners and allows to easily change socks.

Thigh zips: for aeration and thermal adjustment, versatility.

Full zips: allows to rapidly and easily remove pants without removing boots.


Waist Adjustments

Personal choice for comfort and optimal fit:

Elastic for self-adjustment.

Draw cords for variable adjustments according to underlayers or time of day.

Belt for variable adjustments and comfort.



The many combinations of options allow you to choose the pants that best suit your needs! See our pants comparative guide for a quick and simple reference: 

SWIX Pants Warmth Level

LIGHTEST      WARMEST         









 Delda   Softshell Stretch Panel 10' Ankle Side Draw-cord  
 Alpamayo     Terry Softshell Terry Softshell   Back Draw-cord
Tista  Stretch Coconut Stretch Coconut     Draw-cord


Tokke      Softshell Stretch Panel 7.5" Ankle Knee Draw-cord  
Vista      Polyester Stretch Panel   Front Elastic  


Solo      Softshell Stretch Panel Full Side Knee Zip Fly  
Voldo      Softshell Softshell 10" Ankle Side Zip Fly  
Reine    Micro-fiber Stretch Panel Full side   Draw Cord  


Corvara      Fleece Softshell Fleece Softshell 10" Ankle Side Zip fly  
Tavern                Zip fly  
Tormso                Zip fly