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Cire de glisse F4 Premium Warm, 60g

Cire de glisse F4 Premium Warm, 60g

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Sku: 000959597J01OE

Product Information

Air: -4 ° C (25 ° F) et plus chaud.

F4 Solide à la prime chaud. Frotter les performances farts. Économique et durable. Avec Cork au dos. Pas de solvants. Taille de poche pratique. Frottez-vous, bouchon dedans et allez!

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Application Methods

F4 Premium is a level above the F4 universal products.

The Premium Warm and Premium Cold are performance oriented products adopted to a more narrow temperature range, and is a natural step for the F4 consumer that require the little extra.

All products in the new F4 system arebased upon new Fluor Free raw materials, which grant for high quality and an environmentally friendly profil








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